Dickens and London

Scheduled Walks:  London's Burning at 2pm on Thursday 24 July.  Click here for details. 
                                High Life Low life around Fleet Street at 2pm on Tuesday 26 August.   Click here for details. 

This web site celebrates:


the life and works of Charles Dickens and the ways in  which he used the London of his day in his writings.  


the history of London, especially of the City (the ancient city, mostly within the Roman walls and now London's financial  district).  The picture opposite shows Temple Church, dating from the 12th century.

the history and buildings of the East End, for many years London's poorest area.  


the architecture of London, especially the exciting and innovative modern architecture that has been, and is, transforming the appearance of the City.   

Picture of the month -  July to August 2014

Tower Bridge and the Thames embankment in summer. 

It also offers a number of guided walks featuring Dickens' London and the City of London, mostly to be pre-booked for a minimum group size.  When a scheduled walk is available it is highlighted at he top of this page.  Click here for details.